Like an animal you have never seen
Hazmat Hole Kuvaaja Rosaliina Elgland. Esiintyjä, performer: Saga Elgland

Company Uusi Maailma (eng. new world) is its own planet in the performing arts universe. The group is driven by the artistic diversity of its creators. Unafraid of and exploiting the fusions of different genres, Company Uusi Maailma creates nurturing experiences for the ambitious audiences and to those with curious mind. When you understand how to put reason aside, the experience is powerful, warm and indelible.

Company Uusi Maailma is a multidisciplinary performing arts group based in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. It is known for its performance concepts that bring together different artistic disciplines and for its site-specific performances. The group's way of being and creating is strongly visual, physical and often non-verbal. The collective ways of working generate the group’s own aesthetic, a new world.

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