KRYPTA is an existentialist visual radio play. It’s a Saturday night pleasantry experienced on Monday – and a Monday morning anxiety, received on Saturday. KRYPTA is a mental landscape exhibition consisting of light, music, text and movement.

Among other things KRYPTA contains delicate Taiji-Kungfu dance, a dramatic Jarre spectacle, a red-white gymnastics living room and a sweet blue-silver finale.

KRYPTA was born from the mutual warmth of the working group as well as from a thirst to renew the New Worldian expression and also a questing for the otherworldly. The backbone of the performance is constituted by the 3D spiral program of the KRYPTA Channel and the texts of Harry Salmenniemi, which appear in the form of sermons, slogans, adages and announcements.


Directing: Seija Hakkarainen
Lighting design, light technician: Jere Suontausta
Music: Jukka Kaikkonen, Jere Suontausta
Animations: Jukka Kaikkonen
Costume design: Seija Hakkarainen and Jilka Repo
Performers: Henri Hiltunen, Jilka Repo, Jere Suontausta
Texts: Harry Salmenniemi

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Partners: Teatterikone
Venue: Juomatehdas, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 10.5.2019