Company New World is specialized in progressive circus, visual theatre and performance art, with bold attitude and often grotesque style. The independent group of musicians, actors, acrobats and dancers was founded in 2006 by director Seija Hakkarainen, and it’s based in Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

Company New World creates own worlds, unique entities. The actions of the entities often do not correlate with the social rules of the “real world”. The style can be defined as surrealism or non-realism: beyondism or in-betweenism. This show grounds the stage events deep into the psyche of the spectator.

Company New World performs in Finland as well as abroad. The group has made more than 70 different stage works, outside performances and concerts along the years.

The avantgarde style derives from unique aesthetics, slavic sense of humour and astonishing music. Various art forms – as well as different acrobatics skills – are used as equal elements of expression. Strong dramaturgy, dynamic structures and visual narration form the key emphasis. Most of the shows are suitable for teenagers and adults.