“Never before has dance come so close, right up to the skin and into the heart.”

Hazmat Hole is a site-specific work made for one spectator at a time. It is a hybrid of performing arts and spatial installation, with a kinetic light piece and a close-up ballet dancer as the main performers. It is a personal, adventurous and intimate live-art experience.

Hazmat Hole is a mental as well as a physical labyrinth that each spectator walks through in the performance space. The visualizations, videos, music and sound art built into the space function as equal elements of the experience. The spectator and the dancer are unusually close – but equally far apart on different sides of the plastic walls.

Hazmat Hole was Finland’s only indoor live performing arts piece during the first Corona Spring 2020. The performance took into account applicable hygiene and safety guidelines and assembly restrictions. These are integrated into the visual, artistic and technical realisation of the performance.


Concept, directing: Seija Hakkarainen
Design and realisation: Seija Hakkarainen & Team
Dance: Saga Elgland
Choreography: Saga Elgland & Seija Hakkarainen
Reception character: Oona Ahokas
Lighting design and realization, camera installation, Metempsychosis light piece & Kinetic miniatures: Jere Suontausta
Execution of sound, light and tablet, technical realization of sound: Joonatan Jaakonaho
Costumes: Saga Elgland, Seija Hakkarainen, Oona Ahokas
Tablet application: Mikko Hursti
Tablet illustration: Olli-Pekka Tennilä
Photography, video: Rosaliina Elgland

Ambient Grandeur, Mémoire Plastique, Haaksirikkovalssi / comp. Jere Suontausta
Urielin Pihlaja / comp. Kimmo Kuokkala

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Venue: Galleria Hoppa, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 16.5.2020