“A gently exploring look at boys and men, at bachelors, at boyishness in masculinity. It is an important, appreciative and loving discourse on behalf of people. Of those who are visible and those who believe, even in the spotlight, that they are in the shadow of others. A depiction of brotherhood and sharing, and a beautiful understanding of the silent space between the discreet, the passionate. The silence of everyday life and the companionship of the everyday, work and fantasies on which rest the pedestal of fantasy, dream and passion that rise above everyday life. In CUM BOYS, everyday life and passion, reality and fantasy intertwine so that one goes to home quieter, more in awe of every moment than before one’s arrival.”

CUM BOYS aka Company Uusi Maailma’s Boys is a series of four performances. In these performances, the “boys”– read: men aged between 20 and 60, act as the star dancers of childlike beginnings. The rhythm of CUM BOYS is created through dance, nonverbal theatre, acrobatics, music and light. Life’s endless slide is lubricated with coal-black humour.

CUM BOYS vol. 1
Company Uusi Maailma goes New Kids on the Block. Star flights soar and hearts leap up to throats. Without modesty or glory, The Boys take over the audience – and the atmospheric beat sets the pulse racing relentlessly.

The bar is rising. As the flower petals open, you can swoon in ecstasy and feel the budding ripples of eternity. The CUM GIRLS characters are debuting in the CUM BOYS universe. A living disco ball; a disco man, descends from the ceiling, and a naked upside-down skateboarder takes it all.

CUM BOYS vol. 3 – CUM IN
The CUM BOYS dance group has been upgraded to the World Class category and now glides in first class. The New Worldian music penetrates all continents, reaching into the galactic realms. The music freely forms ethnic rhythms, sometimes turning in the minimalist embrace of the arctic mother earth.

As a gliding waltz plays the dancing stars of CUM BOYS unwrap the Finno-underpantian mindscape. A meter wide disco ball continues its eternal path and the “boys” end up in multicosmic dead ends and sensual joint realities.


CUM BOYS vol. 4 – Children of Cosmos

Directing: Seija Hakkarainen
Choreography: Seija Hakkarainen, Julia Milao, Henri Hiltunen, Oona Ahokas
Lighting design, assistant directing: Jere Suontausta
Costume design: Seija Hakkarainen & Sari Nyman
Dressmaking: Sari Nyman
Performers: Henri Hiltunen, Mikko Hursti, Petri Kaikosuo, Eero Virtanen, Julia Milao, Oona Ahokas, Milla Lähtevänoja
Live musicians: Kalle Keränen, Ville Huovinen, Tero Savolainen, Sami Keinänen
Music: Pekka Huttunen, Jukka Kaikkonen
Photography: Rosaliina Elgland, Aki Rantala, Jukka Kaikkonen (poster)
Video: Oona Ahokas

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Supported by: The Arts Promotion Center Finland, City of Jyväskylä
Co-production: Jyväskylän Kesä Festival
Partners: Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta,
Jyväskylän ylioppilasteatteri, Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri, Parkour oppimiskeskus ry
Venue: Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 4.7.2018

CUM BOYS vol. 3 – CUM IN

Directing: Seija Hakkarainen
Choreography: Seija Hakkarainen, Saga Elgland
Music: Jukka Kaikkonen
Costumes: Seija Hakkarainen, Sari Nyman
Light design: Jere Suontausta
THE BOYS: Henri ”Leijona” Hiltunen, Markus Jokinen, Oula Karppinen, Petteri Olkinuora
BONUS: Saga Elgland, Mikko ”Hattu” Kervinen
Photography: Rosaliina Elgland

Production: Company Uusi Maailma ry
Partners: Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri, Baari Vakiopaine
Venue: Huoneteatteri, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 9.7.2017


CUM MAMA = Concept, director, performer: Seija Hakkarainen
Floor choreographies: Seija Hakkarainen & Saga Elgland
Aerial choreographies: Erika Forsberg & Lotta Roukala
Costume design: Sari Nyman & Seija Hakkarainen
Light God: Jere Suontausta
Performers: Oula Karppinen, Julius Mykkänen, Tremayne Wahlberg, Henri Hiltunen, Petteri Olkiluoma, Vesa Takaluoma, Antti Louniala, Erika Forsberg, Maiju Hietala, Lotta Roukala, Niko Miettinen, Hirviö Hänninen, Tuomas Talvitie
Video: Ville Leppänen

Music composed and produced by: Jukka Kaikkonen
Assisting: Seija Hakkarainen
Vocals: Jukka Kaikkonen, Oula Karppinen, Eeva Lietonen, Julius Mykkänen, Petteri Olkinuora, Sini Pajunen
Video: Ville Leppänen

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Venue: Siltasali, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 16.5.2015

CUM BOYS vol. 1

CUM MAMA = Concept, Director, Producer, Performer: Seija Hakkarainen
Choreography: Seija Hakkarainen & Saga Elgland
Costumes: Sari Nyman & Seija Hakkarainen
Light god: Jere Suontausta
Performers: Pekka Huttunen, Jukka Kääntä, Tomi Huusko, Markus Jokinen, Oula Karppinen, Julius Mykkänen, Jyrki Virta, Petteri Olkinuora, Vesa Takaluoma, Niko Miettinen, Hirviö Hänninen, Matti Tulla 
Video: Sampo Pihlaja 

Music composed and produced by: Jukka Kaikkonen
Music assistant: Seija Hakkarainen 
Vocals: Jukka Kaikkonen, Oula Karppinen, Eeva Lietonen, Julius Mykkänen, Petteri Olkinuora, Sini Pajunen
Video: Ville Leppänen

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Venue: Siltasali, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 17.5.2014