Esiintyjä, perfomers: Soile Kyyriäinen. Kuvaaja, photographer: Jarmo Lahtinen

“Double basses and absurdity”

Bass & Pole is a cabaret-ish contemporary circus performance with progressive popular music, Persian folk music, salsa, tango and metal. The piece takes place in Bar Vakiopaine where nine performers march to the stage with large aquarium-like windows in the background. The performers instruments include double basses, bass guitars, Chinese poles, accordion, kantele*, singing, and their bodies.

Bass & Pole -performance contains sparklingly laconic black humour. This cabaret is also – or especially – suitable for viewers with absolutely no sense of humour! We witness encounters and incidents on the street, on the window sill, up the pole and under the pole. A fashion show, dance orchestra Mañana, fighting & love.

*a traditional Finnish harp


Direction: Seija Hakkarainen
Acrobatics: Janne Moilanen, Noora Pasanen, Lotta Roukala
Saxophone, djembe: Christian Drabczyk
Accordion, harmonium, bass: Pekka Huttunen
Percussion: Keijo Koskenharju
Kantele, clarinet, theremin: Soila Kyyriäinen
Vocals: Sini Pajunen
Bass, acrobatics: Eero Virtanen

Personnel trainer: Erika Forsberg
Lighting design: Arto Saarelainen
Costume Design: Sari Nyman & Seija Hakkarainen
Pukuompelu: Costumes by: Sari Nyman
Graphics design: Jukka Kaikkonen & Seija Hakkarainen
Photographs: Jarmo Lahtinen

Music: Pekka Huttunen, Sini Pajunen & band,  Gole Sangam (trad, Peria)

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Venue: Bar Vakiopaine, Jyväskylä
Premiere: 8.11.2011