“Like an animal you have never seen”

A mystical tribe has gathered to celebrate a twisted family reunion. In a black fortress, manic and magical music takes over, and the end result is shattered minds and crippled bodies.

”Globally Wanted is a blackish burlesque belch straight at your face. — I have no idea what to compare this to. Not to anything. Scary, and at the same time pleasurably filling the senses.”

– HS, Finland’s largest subscription newspaper 5.10.11

Globally Wanted is a performance of absurd happenings told through circus, acrobatics, parkour, physical theatre and an ingenious design.

The Globally Wanted tribe consist of five creatures. The fragile creatures test each other one by one, physically and mentally, to find their perfect match. The tests include moon walk dancing, spanking, singing bad opera, tickling, climbing, spinning, hanging, kissing…Despite of the grotesque relationships, this is their way of loving. It is normal to be different.

Globally Wanted was premiered at 3.10.2011 at Jyväskylä, Central Finland, and has since been performed 37 times in 13 different venues in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and United Kingdom, including Cirko – Helsinki International New Circus Festival 2012 and Jackson’s Lane, London 2015. The Arts Council of Central Finland awarded Globally Wanted with the “Twist of the Year” – arts prize in 2011.

Duration: 60 min. Age recommendation: For adults / For people over 16 years old.

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Director, producer: Seija Hakkarainen

Performers: Sami Keinänen, Mikko Kervinen, Perttu Pihlaja, Lotta Roukala, Saga Elgland (2014–), Noora Pasanen (2011-2013), Kaisa Pesonen (2011-2013)
Lighting design: Arto Saarelainen, Antti Helminen
Light technician: Arto Saarelainen, Antti Helminen, Jukka Väisänen
Costume design: Seija Hakkarainen & Sari Nyman
Dressmaking: Sari Nyman
Composer: Pekka Huttunen
Sound technician: Karri Kuivanen, Jaakko Peltola, Ari Lampinen, Michael Semper
Construction: Tuomas Talvitie, Heikki Riikonen
Photographer: Jarmo Lahtinen, Réne Limbecker
Graphic desing: Jukka Kaikkonen
Video: Rosaliina Elgland

Musicians: Johannes Geisser, Ville Huovinen, Pekka Huttunen, Sami Keinänen, Kimmo Kuokkala, Petra Piiroinen, Michael Semper, Tom Semper, Eero Virtanen

Production: Company Uusi Maailma
Co-production: Cirko – Centre for New Circus
Partners: Theaterscheune Teutleben, Jyväskylän Huoneteatteri, The Concept of Dash