Suolonnis at Karvia Suo Soikoon -festival 28.-29.8.

Kuvaaja, photographer: Oona Ahokas

Kauhaneva’s Suolonni is the rarest animal on the planet. Suolonnis were recently forced into outrageous extinction, and so there are only four individuals left. Suolonnis come from an ancient tribe of human acrobats, which is the reason for their occasional tricky positioning in their laid-back existence.

FRI 28.8. 20-22

SAT 29.8. 12-14

by the swamp boardwalk.

Director: Seija Hakkarainen

Performers: Panda Ilën, Elsa Kalervo, Sauli Nokelainen, Ira Oinonen

Costume design: Seija Hakkarainen and Sari Nyman

Seamstress: Sari Nyman