Company New World at University of Jyväskylä opening of the academic year on Wednesday 2 September

Company New World’s musicians perform new-worldly world music live at the JYU opening of the academic year 2020-2021 on WED 2 September at 11.30 on the Alvar square (if rain, the main building foyer). Duration 15 minutes. Free admission.

Gole Sangam has been performed previuosly as a part of Bass&Pole kabareeish (Bar Vakiopaine 2010) and Muovautuvat Maailmat is the final ballad of the touring performance Globally Wanted (2011 ->), which also features in Cumiversity contemporary circus piece (2018 ->). X was a part of Seuraava Maailma stage performance (2009-2010).

Bass: Eero Virtanen

Harmonium and recorder: Juha Kuurajärvi

Guitar: Henri Hiltunen


Gole Sangam / trad. Persia

Muovautuvat maailmat / by Pekka Huttunen

X / by Pekka Huttunen

Arrangements: Musicians and director Hakkarainen